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Arrowville Energy Limited
Writing And Speaking Skills For Middle-Level Management Staff.
(A 2-day Online Synchronous Training Programme): Arrowville Consulting in partnership with Lagos State University (LASU) Consults

It may be said that business can be lost and won through poor and excellent communication skills. The internal efficiency of companies and the image such companies project to society and potential customers are largely dependent on the communication skills of their staff. The objective of the workshop is to enable middle-level staff of organizations in Nigeria to perfect their communication skills once and for all.

The programme may be considered the most effective writing and speaking skills workshop in Nigeria by virtue of the exceptionally high calibre of its resource persons and their total commitment to the improvement of the communication skills of participants, manifested by the time they devote to correcting pre-workshop assignments to ascertain participants’ linguistic difficulties, which are addressed in the course of the programme, and by their assessment of post-workshop performance, which will reveal the benefits of the programme to participants.

OCTOBER 11 - OCTOBER 12, 2022

Updated On: Monday, 27 March 2023

Upcoming Events